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About Me

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences at Youngstown State University and Contributing Faculty in Human and Social Services at Walden University. This web site is used to distribute educational, research, and personal projects that normally could not be distributed through more traditional academic routes. Although some of this work is developed as part of my work as an academic, the opinions presented are my own and do not represent my employers, my wife, or anybody else.

A copy of my academic vita  is here. 

Contact Information

You can contact me by email: Communications deemed threatening will be given to law enforcement.

I now communicate major new material on this website through Twitter. The FOMEC reports also have their own email distribution. You can ask to be included by emailing me


The Purpose of This Website

Rogers Perspectives is an umbrella moniker covering three web sites and a YouTube channel.

I intentionally keep these sites separate. While one can argue that free speech and academic freedom allow me to mix my teaching, research, social commentary, and spirituality in a single personal site, such combinations could create confusions about when I am speaking out of my expertise and when I am expressing personal opinions. Furthermore, such a combination could be inadvertently though incorrectly perceived as an endorsement of positions by my employer, though as I already mentioned, free speech and academic freedom issues allow broad latitude with regards to personal expression.

Here are the three web sites:

  •, which is this site, used to house teaching materials and research. Full-text articles of published work is not stored here unless they are permitted by copyright.

  • The YouTube channel is Rogers Perspectives. Most of this material is related to teaching and research, and there are links to specific items from I am also storing my research into the history of my family here so that members of my extended family can see it.

Copyright Issues

You are free to use or link to any part of my web sites or YouTube channel without cost as long as there is proper attribution. If you link to me, I would appreciate an email simply so I know who is using the site and why. Contact information is below.

With regard to linking to other's sites, there is a lot of confusion about what is and is not acceptable. I am attempting to follow guidelines about linking and deep linking as presented in a discussion of copyrights and fair use presented by Stanford University Libraries.

I do not post full-text pieces of my own published writing unless there is copyright permission in the agreement or I otherwise have permission.

If you feel that it is inappropriate for me to link to your online material, please contact me at, and I will consider removing it. 

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