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The Extremism & Fringe Belief section aims to provide quality stories and analysis of conspiracies and other fringe theories. Fringe here means just about any kind of extremist ideology of interest, including the alt-right, White supremacism, conspiracy theories, antigovernment groups, terrorists, antiscientism, and pseudoarchaeology. I am particularly interested here in those groups whose ideas are gaining acceptance among religious communities in the United States or are consequential to American public policy.


I do not provide an event-by-event summary of each incidentl I admittedly do not have the time to develop a complete listing of sources, but I have found it useful to capture items of interest to me or for possible use in classes as I see them. This site is also a place where my students can be directed for quality resources useful for papers and projects on terrorism and antigovernment groups.For this reason, the focus is stories that help us understand the ideology, history, organization, recruiting strategies, and fund raising.


I have included a page for general links to sites that cover many issues with greater detail that I can here.

Frames of Extremism (monthly report and supplements)

Theories and Context


General Sites

Factchecking Sites

Reference List on Terrorism and Conspiracy Theories

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