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Gen. 11: William Bradford, b. about 1590 (Austerfield, Yorkshire), d., 1657 (Plymouth, MA), bur. Burial Hill (Plymouth, MA); m2., Alice Carpenter, b. about 1590 (Wrington, Somerset), d., 1670 (Plymouth, MA), bur. Burial Hill (Plymouth, MA). William Bradford arrived in the New World in 1620 aboard the Mayflower with the original group of Pilgrims. He was first elected Governor of Plymouth Colony in 1621 and served in the office for many years over the course of his life.

Gen. 10: William Bradford, b. 1624, d. 1703/4, bur. Burial Hill (Plymouth, MA); m1. 1650, Alice Richards, b. 1627 (Weymouth, Norfolk, Co.), d. 1671 (Plymouth, MA). In 1675, William commanded the Plymouth militia at the Great Swamp Fight, a battle in King Philip's War.

Gen. 9: Thomas Bradford, b. 1657 (Plymouth, MA), d. 1708 (Norwich, CT), bur. Old Windham Cemetery (Salem, CT); m. about 1681, Anna Raymond, b. 1664 (New London, CT), d. about 1705.

Gen. 8: Jerusha Bradford, b. about 1693, d. 1739 (Lebanon, CT), bur. Trumbull Cemetery (Lebanon, CT); m. 1716 (Montville, CT), Hezekiah Newcomb, b. about 1693 (Edgartown, MA), d. 1722 (Lebanon, CT), bur. Trumbull Cemetery (Lebanon, CT).

Gen. 7: Silas Newcomb, b. 1717 (Lebanon, CT), d. 1773 (Lebanon, CT), bur. Trumbull Cemetary (Lebanon, CT); m. 1739 (Lebanon, CT), Submit Pineo, b. 1717 (Columbia, CT), d. 1802 (Lebanon, CT).

Gen. 6: John Newcomb, b. 1760 (Lebanon, CT), d. 1822 (Scipio, NY); m. 1780, Theoda Hunt, b. 1760 (Lebanon, CT), d. 1817.

Gen. 5: Submit Newcomb, b. 1790 (Columbia, CT), d., 1872 (Woodstock, IL); m. 1808 (Oxford, NY), Roswell Enos, b. 1788 (Connecticut), d. 1858 (Woodstock, IL). Roswell descended from James Eno (Gen. 11), a child of Huguenot refugees who settled in London.

Gen. 4. Levi S. Enos, b. 1823 (Victory, NY), d. 1889 (Andover, NY); m., 1846, Catherine Hill, b. 1826 (Pennsylvania), d. between 1910 and 1920 (prob. Hornell, NY).

Gen. 3: Submit Enos, b. 1852 (Woodstock, IL), d. 1910 (Hornell, NY); m., Charles Van Horn, b. 1849 (Steuben Co., NY), d. 1921 (Hornell, NY), bur. Hope Cemetery (Hornell, NY). Submit was known as Mittie or Maud. Charles is the grandson of Hopewell Van Horn (Gen. 5), a veteran soldier of the War of 1812 whose service was rewarded with a land grant in Steuben Co., NY.

Gen. 2: Edith Van Horn, b. about 1890 (Hornell, NY), d. 1930 (Hornell, NY), bur. Hope Cemetery (Hornell, NY); m.,  Martin Dejonghe, b. 1890 (Tourcoing, France), d., 1965 (Hawthorne, NJ). Martin immigrated to the U.S. between 1904 and 1908.

Principal Sources

Gen. 6 to 10: Ruth Gardiner Hall, Descendants of Governor William Bradford (1951).

Gen. 5: Ruth Gardiner Hall, Descendants of Governor William Bradford (1951); Douglas C. Richardson, The Eno and Enos Family in America: Descendants of James Eno of Windsor, Conn. (1973).

Gen. 4: Douglas C. Richardson, The Eno and Enos Family in America: Descendants of James Eno of Windsor, Conn. (1973); U.S. Census manuscripts.

Gen. 3: U.S. Census manuscripts.

​Gen. 2: Certificate of Death, Martin Louis Dejonghe, 11 May 1965; U.S. Census manuscripts; U.S. Department of the Treasury, Form SS-5, Martin Louis Dejonghe, 4 December 1936.

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