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Rogers Worst-case Election Scenario (September 24, 2020). My first video in what has turned into a series. This video initially was not posted on my main YouTube channel because of its partisan nature, but now that the election is over, I have moved it to the main channel so that the whole set can be together.

Installment #2 (October 8, 2020). There have been changes in the scenario favorable to Biden.

Installment #3 (October 21, 2020). Biden appears to be ahead, but Trump has a pathway in the Electioral College.

Installment #4: Final Model (November 2, 2020). Leaning Biden, but Trump still has a chance with Pennsylvania.

Installment #5: Assessment and Awards (December 30, 2020). I assess the performance of my model. There's a surprise winner for best battleground pollster.

Installment #6: Georgia Senate Runoff (January 2, 2020). A slam dunk for the Republicans has turned into a tossup.

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